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Release Anxiety

and Stress.

You don't need to learn to live with it.


The only thing that matters is what you do next.

Caroline Dawe Therapy

Let's be honest Anxiety and Stress sucks!

Going through your daily life with worrying palpitations, anxious thoughts and a body full of tension is no way to live.


You don't need to learn to live with anxiety. 


I've helped 600 people just like you discover how to release those anxious thoughts, feelings and sensations so that they can get on with their life with a calmer mind in a relaxed body.


I'd love to help you achieve the same. 


  • Does anxiety feel like it's lurking in the background. Does it grab you when you least expect it.


    It can make the simplest things feel impossible can't it.


    It can make your thoughts spiral; your heart race and your worries grow and take over.


    You might feel like anxiety has always been there, it might be new, it might be related to a situation or it might be in everything you do.


Truly Passionate


Caroline is truly passionate about helping people.

A real bonus for the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Thank you Caroline!


I felt like a weight had been lifted.


Cannot recommend this lady enough!! I was a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy at first. But when I had my first session with Caroline I felt like a weight had been lifted. 


I felt like she really understood.


I was really anxious about flying. Caroline listened we had a good long chat and I felt like she really understood. Her knowledge and explanations of anxiety put me at ease. She taught me a few different techniques and I honestly don't know how I would have been without her help.

I couldn't wait to tell her I'd done it and been ok! 


  • Does your body feel like it's in danger all the time?


    Do you feel nervousness, restlessness, or tense?


    Do you have difficulty concentrating and your mind keeps wandering onto past negative events or worrying about the future?


    Do you have feelings of danger, panic, or dread?

    Rapid breathing or heart racing?


    Do you have difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about?


    Do you have a strong desire to avoid the things that trigger your anxiety?


    Do you perform certain behaviours over and over again?


    Do you you fear going places even though you would like to?


    If you've experienced the above symptoms I'd love to help you make them a thing of the past so that you can move on with your life feeling healthier and so much happier.

Caroline Dawe Therapy

You might have tried many things and nothing’s worked and you might be wondering if you’re going to have to feel like this forever.

The good news is you don’t have to feel like this.


You don’t have to just manage your symptoms or learn to live with it.


I'll help you to unlock your natural abilities and take back control of how you feel.


That means no more massive Anxiety and Stress.


How great does that sound!


I’d like you think about what your anxiety is costing you.​

What is it stopping you doing?

What are you missing out on?

What is becoming more and more difficult to do?

How is it affecting your work, your relationships, your overall health?


What would you give to change how you feel?


By saying yes to my Release Anxiety Programme you are investing in YOU so that you can have an Anxiety Free future.

I use a combination of techniques and therapies to teach you how to retrain your mind to gain control over your thoughts and feelings and actions.


You will learn to unlock your natural abilities and take back control of how you feel.

Not only will you release that Stress and Anxiety but you'll also build resilience and self confidence. 

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